The Missing "Link" In Planning

For the purpose of discussion, let’s assume the average American saves “10 cents” of every dollar earned.

Hypothetically, that means that “90 cents” of every dollar earned goes to paying for “life’s” expenses.

The financial services community has traditionally focused on helping the client public manage the “10 cents” (i.e. through investments, insurance and estate planning).

Succession, LLC focuses on helping the client public save money on the “90 cents” – The Missing “Link”.

Logic being, if people save money on everyday expenses, they will have more money for their advisors to manage and protect for them.

Our “Saving to Support” process provides financial professionals and the client public with the tools, technology and resources needed to help manage an entire “Dollar” earned.

  • We manage the “10 cents” through financial service professionals, institutional planning resources and progressive technology.
  • We help clients save money on “life’s” expenses through our online “Saving to Support” philanthropic platform.

Please feel free to explore the tools and resources provided.

Succession, LLC

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